Sunday, 19 March 2017

12 Truths that you may not know about me

1. I despise small talk, I'd much rather get to the juicy core of the person that I'm talking to. This is also probably one of the main reasons why I don't enjoy going to parties so much because there's usually a bunch of people that I don't know, and that means small talk. However, I understand that it's an evil necessity at times, but it's so monotonous, ugh.

2. Don't annihilate me for saying this...buuuttt I'm not a huge Beyonce fan. I mean I'll listen to Single Ladies every now and then when I'm in the mood, otherwise nope, not so much. I'm obviously not cut out to be a bee.

3. I've never been the type of person to strictly instruct myself to read the book before the movie. However, I do prefer reading a much anticipated book before watching the movie, but sometimes it just so happens that I watch the movie anyways. For example, a few weeks ago my dad rented Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, and I was planning on reading the book first. But I simply couldn't resist watching the movie because it sounded so much better than studying in my room, haha - I'm the queen of procrastination. Although, watching the movie propelled and inspired me to hurry up and read the whole series. Hopefully this will happen soon!

4. My love for reading started when I came across the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it! From that point onwards, I devoured the rest of her books that were available to me at the time, and it opened up the doors to the wonderful world of young adult books. Therefore, no matter what, the Shadowhunter books will forever hold a piece of my heart.

5. I did tap dancing for seven and a half years, and if I say so myself, I wasn't terrible at it. Unfortunately I ended up stopping about a year and a half ago because the stress of dancing exams/shows and the added load of schoolwork was continuing to grow as I entered year 11. I'm currently in year 12, however, I will be taking an extra year to do my Cambridge A levels as I started a year late with the Cambridge curriculum.

6. At the moment, I'm planning to have a career as an editor in the publishing industry. This has been a long time dream of mine for the past few years. However, I also want to attempt at writing a book someday, I say 'attempt' because I'm not sure exactly on how to write a book and where to start. I also feel like my writing needs a lot more improvement before I can actually write one.

7. Another one of my favorite things to do besides read, is shop. It's such a typical girl thing to say, I know, but I am a girl so I don't really see the problem with it. When I'm not splurging on books, I'm spending my money on shoes, clothes or makeup. however, if my parents happen to read this post, I'm pretty sure they will disagree on the fact that I pay for my own clothes, haha. I try okay.

8. Soon, I hope to visit the United Kingdom, or just Europe in general. My best friend moved to England nearly two years ago, and I miss her desperately. Also, there are so many things to do there! So many charity bookstores, great food, Scotland, and London! London will definitely be on my to-do list if I go there because of my love for cities, which is the whole reason I named my blog 'Flickering Lights.'

9. I'm completely addicted to sweet baked goods. I mean, I bake a batch of cupcakes with the intention of sharing them with everyone, however, I always somehow end up eating a majority of them. I honestly don't understand how that happens?

10. My favorite season of the year, is winter. In winter, you can warm yourself up with big, fluffy blankets and cushions. However, in summer, what can you do? Rip your skin off? Swim 24/7? No thanks.

11. I'm the biggest TV series binger that there is to know. I watched 6 seasons of Game of Throne in 3 weeks. Don't judge, haha. Some of my all time favorite series include Suits, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. I can not express my love enough for Gilmore Girls, that series is just utterly perfect. I watched the revival with the hope that it would present me with some closure, but nope, of course not - if you've watched it you'll know exactly what I mean. Here's to hopefully awaiting a revival of the revival?

12. Lastly, ending with a short one. I'm definitely more of an introvert then an extrovert because I thrive off of spending time alone with a great book, with a cup of hot chai latte. However, there are some rare times where I do enjoy going out with friends and getting dressed up, but don't make me do it for more than one weekend in a row. I won't be able to cope with that ;).

Tell me something about you. Whats your favorite series to watch/binge? Favorite book?

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