Friday, 18 November 2016

So Much Has Happened & Where Have I Been?!

This is the first blog post I have written in four months. FOUR MONTHS, well that's atrocious.

Within these four months so many things have happened, nothing much for me personally but definitely for the world. I mean Trump was elected for starters and I've lost faith in humanity but we're not going to get into that because I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother is tired of hearing about politics, I know I am. Obviously the whole Trump thing doesn't really affect me as I don't live in America but good luck to my fellow Americans.

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Another thing that has been going on down here in SA is the whole university drama, which is basically some students striking for free education but unfortunately it's gotten out of hand and some people have gone as far as burning universities down, and forcefully trying to stop students who want to go to their classes from learning. I don't know why I'm actually telling you this, I guess it's because it makes me a little worried for my future education and all that jazz.

I've just finished writing my IGCSE exams that I was scheduled to do in October/November and it feels so good! No more studying equals more READING TIME. Time to par-taaaayyy. (But not actually though)

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As a result of being completely drowned in revision notes, textbooks and learning, I haven't been reading and therefore no blogging and it's been grim. I'm immensely thrilled for all the future reading/blogging times ahead. 

The last thing is the most obvious really. It's CHRISTMAS TIME and I'm so ready for it. 

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This is definitely my favourite time of the year. I've already decorated my dad's house even though for some people it might be considered a little bit too early but I have no regrets!

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and if you happen to not be particularly happy about the festive season, well...

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Are you excited for the festive season? How's your life been going? And can you believe it's nearly the end of 2016?! I'm so not ready for 2017!

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